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No Real Estate Investor EVER MADE

And that is EXACTLY why
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From: Gary Zaccaria
Saturday 8:46 AM

Dear Friend,

Until now, ONLY the "INSIDERS" knew HOW to get the Private Hard Money Loans. Knowing who the lenders were wasn't enough. You also had to KNOW HOW to put together "The Package". And the average guy just didn't have the FIRST CLUE. But the "INSIDERS" knew it FRONTWARDS and BACKWARDS. And they were able to GET THEIR DEALS DONE. A Deal a Month. A Deal a Week. Two Deals a Week... You get the picture?

20% of RE Investors Get 80% of the Private Hard Money

Why was it then, that ONLY a FEW Real Estate Investors, seemed to get MOST of the Private Hard Money? WHAT did they know? WHO did they know? HOW were they doing it? And WHERE were they getting these DEALS CLOSED?

We KNEW there was ONE WAY to CRACK the CODE.

So we set out to STUDY the TOP 300 Private Hard Money Lenders and their LOAN PROGRAMS. COMPARING the LENDING CONDITONS and putting together the PIECES to the PUZZLE. PATTERNS began to EMERGE. And then it ALL BECAME CLEAR-- EXACTLY WHAT a Private Hard Money Lender was looking for...and from that emerged...

The Hard Money Loan Blueprint

NO ONE has given away ALL the PRIVATE HARD MONEY LOAN...




The Hard Money Loan Blueprint.

The CAT is OUT of the BAG.

Think of it as a "MINI-COURSE" telling you exactly HOW to PACKAGE your next Private Hard Money Loan.

Not only will you LEARN how to THINK like a Private Hard Money Lender, but you will learn EXACTLY HOW a Private Hard Money Lender will PROCESS your loan request!

You'll be shown HOW to submit a COMPLETE HARD MONEY LOAN PACKAGE.

YOUR Hard Money Loan Blueprint.

Turn the tables. Now you will KNOW HOW to evaluate a hard money lender!

  • Learn to VERIFY a Lender's Program - How much time have you spent trying to GUESS what a lender is looking for? Or, worse yet, have you just ROLLED the DICE?
  • Find out HOW to GET and USE a REAL lender's PROOF OF FUNDS LETTER - Getting a property under contract is like the "chicken and egg", WHICH comes first? You won't have to worry about that anymore, because with a REAL PROOF of FUNDS LETTER from your lender you have ASSURANCE that you can CLOSE.
  • Learn about one KEY LETTER your must have for a FUNDED SHORT SALE - Have you ever tried to work with a Short Sale, only to discover that your funding stalls out with your lender? Not having this ONE LETTER could be WHY.
"My partners in N.C swears by your product and I cant wait to begin having my deals funded as well. Like you've said Gary "all the heavy lifting" has been done for us! All of your products will be added to my archives, but this is the primary piece to the foundation of my operation. Add me to the list of your satisfied customers as well."

B.G. Brooklyn, NY

  • Learn HOW the new Property Seasoning RULES affect YOUR DEAL. - This NEW RULE was just passed and there's only about a 1 year WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY. Now you can TAKE ADVANTAGE of it for quick FLIPS!
  • Learn WHICH DOCUMENTS you MUST INCLUDE in your PACKAGE - If you don't know which documents a Private Hard Money Lender needs and WHY the documents are needed, you're in the DARK. Leave one of these documents OUT of your package and your loan is rejected!
  • Learn HOW to THINK like a Private Hard Money Lender - What is it that REDUCES RISK and EXPOSURE for a Private Hard Money Lender and HOW can that BENEFIT YOU as a Real Estate Investor. You MUST know this.
"I bought the Hard Money Blueprint which has been an awesome asset in helping me structure deals. Thanks for that!"

  • How to Present a CLEAN and COMPLETE Hard Money Loan Package - Did you know that sloppy packages are often tossed in the trash? Did you know that CERTAIN MISSING DOCUMENTS can DELAY your LOAN and even RESULT in a LOAN REJECTED! Why take the chance?
  • Learn HOW to complete the STANDARD Hard Money Loan Application - Yes, there is ONE APPLICATION FORM that is PREFERRED by MOST Private Hard Money Lenders. You need to USE IT. And now you'll have a form-fillable PDF version of it that you can complete and fill out anytime.
  • Discover the TOP REASONS LOANS GET TURNED DOWN - And NO it's NOT a bad credit score. Most Private Hard Money Lenders are way smarter than that. Now you will KNOW so you can avoid those MISTAKES in your Loan Package!
"I want to order a second copy of the hard money lender blueprint."

L.J. Chicago, IL

You'll know the FOUR STEPS to getting MORE DEALS DONE. And did you know that MOST real estate investors have it BACKWARDS?

Well if you have it BACKWARDS, that's not going to do you any good... is it?

YOUR Hard Money Loan Blueprint is going to save you a lot of headaches and a lot of time, because you're going to KNOW the FIVE "DIFFICULT TO FUND PROPERTY TYPES" before you EVER submit your loan package!


That's about 50% of the problem right there...SOLVED for you.

The Hard Money Loan Blueprint helps you MAKE SURE you don't GOOF UP a GOOD THING.

And that REALLY MATTERS because it's a SMALL WORLD out there. There's about 300 TOP private hard money lenders out there who fund these types of deals.


Well, wouldn't you rather be a Lender's PREFERRED REAL ESTATE INVESTOR instead of being on a Private Hard Money Lender's...

...excuse the FRENCH... s#!t list?

And, in the WORLD of Private Hard Money Lenders, it's a SMALL SMALL WORLD.

Your Hard Money Loan Blueprint shows you HOW TO DO IT RIGHT the FIRST TIME.

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The Hard Money Loan Blueprint takes the MYSTERY out of doing a Private Hard Money Loan!

95% of Real Estate Investors (meaning just about everybody) do it the WRONG WAY.

5% of Real Estate Investors get their DEALS FUNDED and CLOSED because they KNOW HOW to present a SOLID Private Hard Money Loan Package!

Do it RIGHT with the Hard Money Loan Blueprint!

Since I know it's 100% to your benefit to DO YOUR LOAN PACKAGES using the Hard Money Loan Blueprint, I want to help you GET STARTED TODAY.

If you respond immediately, you'll also receive the following RESOURCE and RESOURCE OFFERS:

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Property Profile Blueprint

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Learn how do your Loan Package the right way, the first time.

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Only $97 to get started-

If you need private hard money lenders, the Private Money Lenders Source has over 350 TOP private hard money lenders who loan on investment property, nationally, regionally, and locally. You deal DIRECT with the lenders!

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Discounted Rate on the Ultimate REO Report

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Only $47-

You'll have MORE DEALS to package with the Hard Money Loan Blueprint! The Platinum Edition of the Ultimate REO Report is the 300 BEST DIRECT SOURCES for bank owned, government owned, REO, and forecosure properties! You ACCESS the databases DIRECTLY and there is NO MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION FEES.

The Hard Money Loan Blueprint will make your Loan Packages SOLID!

"I like what the program offers, I have used the blueprint principles to put packages together, with success..."

Don't waste time GUESSING on how to put together a SOLID LOAN PACKAGE. Use the Hard Money Loan Blueprint!

You're NOT going to pay $97

The Hard Money Loan Blueprint is the KEY to getting more DEALS FUNDED and CLOSED.

Make your Private Hard Money Loan Packages SHINE! You "open the door" to more Private Hard Money!

Don't make the mistake of submitting an INCOMPLETE or SLOPPY Loan Package! Do it RIGHT the FIRST TIME and GET MORE DEALS FUNDED and CLOSED!

Look at it this way -- this is an INVESTMENT to make better use of your time so you can GET MORE LOAN PACKAGES SUBMITTED "the Hard Money Loan Blueprint way."

Start using it right away to GET BETTER RESULTS!

You Really Can NOT Afford to BE WITHOUT
The Hard Money Loan Blueprint

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Yes Gary, I want MY copy of the
Hard Money Loan Blueprint!
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The Hard Money Loan Blueprint--
For Successful Loan Packages

The BIGGEST MISTAKE a Real Estate Investor can make...

is going out into the market U-N-P-R-E-P-A-R-E-D.

You don't have to make that MISTAKE any longer!

With the Hard Money Loan Blueprint, your Private Hard Money Loan Packages will have the LOOK and FEEL of a PRO Real Estate Investor and you will learn HOW to GET MORE DEALS CLOSED!

Is the Hard Money Loan Blueprint MISSING from your DEALS?

Fill in the last piece of the puzzle. It's YOUR time.


Gary Zaccaria

P.S. When we did the INSIDERS Edition of the Hard Money Loan Blueprint, our SUBSCRIBERS WERE SO EXCITED. For the first time, the AVERAGE INVESTOR can DO A LOAN PACKAGE that LOOKS like a PRO who has been doing it FOR YEARS!

P.P.S The Hard Money Loan Blueprint, the Private Money Lenders Source, and the Ultimate REO Report are THREE MUST HAVE RESOURCES for ANY SERIOUS REAL ESTATE INVESTOR! Reduce the amount of time it takes to FIND PROPERTIES, FIND LENDERS, and PREPARE LOAN PACKAGES and that means GETTING MORE DEALS UNDERWAY!!!

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