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The SIX RESOURCES for Successful Real Estate Investing! Deal Direct with 290 Top Private Hard Money Lenders. Learn the RIGHT Way to Submit a Hard Money Loan. Have Unlimited Access to the BEST Bank Owned Properties, REO's, and Foreclosured Properties!, Generate MULTIPLE STREAMS of Active Motivated Buyers Contacting YOU Daily and Learn how Property Prospector PLUS can help you CHOOSE DEALS for private hard money funding.

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SIX Great Property Investing Tools to Choose From
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Private Money Lenders Source Digital E-Book

**2013 EDITION**
1. 2013 Private Money Lenders Source

2013 Private Money Lenders Source
E-Book Including over 290 TOP Private Hard Money Lenders in the RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL EDITION. Nationwide, Regional, and Local lenders and fully detailed Lender Programs! Expanded features and interface options to locate lender programs quickly and accurately and updated for today's real estate investors needs.*

*$149.95 for a Limited Time--
Special 25% Discount.*Regularly $199.95

  • 25% off Regular E-Book for a LIMITED TIME ONLY--Special BONUS "How to Get Funded" Real Estate Information! And MUCH MORE!


Hard Money Loan Blueprint Digital E-Book

2. Hard Money Loan Blueprint
For More Information

The Hard Money Loan Blueprint for Loan Packages.

*$47.00 for a Limited Time--
Special 50% Discount. Regularly $97.00

Includes: How to Think Like a Hard Money Lender-- How to Evaluate a Hard Money Lender Program-- How to Submit a Complete Hard Money Loan Package-- The FIVE Steps to Getting Deals Done-- The FIVE Exit Strategies-- How to Verify a Lending Program-- How Private Hard Money Loan Programs Differ-- How to Quickly Locate Excellent Deals-- The Five Difficult to Fund Property Types-- How to Become a Lender's Preferred Investor-- How to Get and Use a Proof of Funds Letter-- What a BPO Letter is and How to Use It-- How You Can Become a Real Estate Power Investor-- How the New Property Seasoning Rules Affect Your Loan-- Which Documents to Provide to a Hard Money Lender-- How to Use the Form Fillable PDF Property Profile Blueprint-- How to Use the Form Fillable PDF 1003 Application Form-- How a Hard Money Lender Processes Your Loan

Take the GUESSWORK out of Submitting Hard Money Loan Requests!

The Commercial Hard Money Loan Blueprint
3. The Commercial Hard Money Loan Blueprint
For More Information

For Loan Commercial Loan Packages

*$77 for a Limited Time--
Special 57% Discount. Regularly $179.95

Includes: The Advantages of Commercial Investing Compared to Residential-- Terms and Property Types You Must Know-- Preparing Commercial Loan Package Forms-- Loan Package Documents and Improving Your Package -- Make an Offer with an LOI-- How Lenders Evaluate Commercial Property-- How Lenders Evaluate Borrowers-- Closing Deals-- Affordable Legal Services-- Where to Easily Find Deals-- How to Get 100% Financing for your Deals-- Improving the Value for Quick Profits-- Cash Back at Closing-- Examples of Commercial Loan Programs-- How to Conduct Due Diligence-- How to Access the Top Commercial Private Money Lenders-- Sample PDF and Excel Forms for Loan Packages--And MORE!

The Ultimate REO Digital E-Book

4. The Ultimate REO Report
For More Information

Ultimate REO Report E-Book for Unlimited Access to Bank Owned Properties*

*$19.95 for a Limited Time--
Special 66% Discount. Regularly $59.95

  • The 2012 Edition has 38 Direct Sources for Bank Owned Property, with Thousands of REO and Foreclosures Properties.

  • Special BONUS Report--How to Avoid the 13 Equity and Profit Killing Mistakes When Buying Bank Owned Property!

  • All Yours For One-Time Payment of $19.95 and NO MONTHLY FEES!

Active Buyers Magnet Digital E-Book

5. Active Buyers Magnet

The Active Buyers Magnet Gives You Steady Multiple Streams of BUYERS!

*$47.00 for a Limited Time--
Special 50% Discount. Regularly $97.00

    • Creating the Active Buyer Profile
    • Three Active Buyer Types
    • FIVE Systems to Automatically Attract, Track, and Communicate With Your Active Buyers
    • Eleven Active Buyer Streams
    • The Active Buyers Magnet System Step-by-Step

  • Have MULTIPLE STREAMS of Active Motivated Buyers Calling YOU Daily!

Property Prospector PLUS

6. Property Prospector PLUS
For More Information

How to CHOOSE Deals for Private Hard Money Funding

*$77.00 for a Limited Time--
Special $20 OFF Discount. Regularly $97.00

Includes: How to choose property deals for hard money funding, including: Buy and Sell Transactions- Fix and Flip Transactions- A-B-C Transactions- How to first evaluate and compare Lender Program requirements and choose the right lenders.- How to determine the right Exit Strategy.- The advantages of working with a Real Estate Agent and accessing the MLS property data.- How to use a CMA Report to analyze your market and target properties.- How to effectively use REO listings and REO Agents.- How to apply 25 specific Property Selection Guidelines relating to property layout, condition, structure, location, history, and insurability.- How use the 14 Point Property Marketability Checklist.- How to select properties for Transactional Lender programs.- How Property Seasoning and the 20% Rule can impact your deals.- And more...
  • CHOOSE BETTER DEALS for Private Hard Money Funding!

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