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Hello Fellow Investor,

Do you know how to choose the right deals that can be funded by hard money lenders?

Whether your exit strategy is to "buy and sell", "fix and flip", or you already have a buyer and need to do an "A-B-C" transaction, you need to know how to CHOOSE the RIGHT property.

Hard money lenders carefully choose the deals that they fund and have specific lender programs. However, these lenders do not have the time to teach you all the "ins and outs" of how to choose properties.

Until now, investors had to approach it on a "hit and miss" "trial and error" basis because some deals that investors presented could easily be funded, yet other deals ran into all types of problems and ultimately would up being a waste of time.

So here you are. You know the lender programs, you have property sources, and you know how to put together a loan package, The problem is, as you've already learned, some property deals seem like they might be easy to get funded, but they are not.

What is YOUR "formula"?

You really don't have the "formula", do you? If you do, has it been working for you? In fact, the main thing you've probably been thinking about is "LTV, LTV, LTV". Loan to value is only a small part of the process of choosing a property for hard money funding. In fact, if you're relying on that alone, you probably haven't had many deals funded. Or maybe you are looking at "property valuations" from some of the on-line websites and you think that might be the way to do it. Property valuation is definitely part of it, but it's not the determining factor from the standpoint of a private hard money lender deciding whether or not to fund your deal.


Maybe you think that shooting off 10 or 15 offers a day might be the solution, but you quickly discover that is like wading into quicksand as far as your time is concerned. You learn that you wind up working on deals that have little hope of getting funded and you soon wind up more frustrated than ever because now your method is time-consuming "quantity" deals rather than executable "quality" deals.

Just because a seller accepts your offer, it does not mean that you have a "profitable deal", let alone a "fundable deal". Oh, and then you think, "Well, if the deal isn't fundable, I'll just assign it someone else and make money that way." Again, let's think about the logic to that. Why would another investor want to pay you for an assignment on a "dead beat" property? Well, maybe you will find a buyer who isn't too smart and then you unload a contract assignment on them and they ultimately discover that they can't get the property funded. You might walk off with some money, but it certainly wasn't a "WIN-WIN" deal. If you want to do assignments, wouldn't it be better to be assigning QUALITY DEALS? You'll have a better reputation and your "wholesale buyer" will be back for more. Doing it the other way, you probably won't want to go back to your local real estate investor club meeting. It's all about WIN-WIN and learning to choose QUALITY, FUNDABLE, MARKETABLE DEALS.

I once learned about a single family home in Las Vegas that was available in a pre-foreclosure. I did my homework and contacted the owner and although I wasn't actually investing in the Las Vegas market at the time, I did know someone who was. I made a phone call, did a 'hand shake" bird-dog deal on the phone. The other investor did all the work and a few weeks later I got a phone call and we met up. He had successfully closed the deal and resold the property for a substantial "lump sum" of profit and he handed me a $5000 check. I'm not advocating doing these type of deals with people you don't know and without getting something down on paper but as you can see QUALITY DEALS are always in demand. You have more options including "bird dogging" and "assignments" and everyone wins.

That said, let's get back to YOUR situation.

If you are planning on using hard money lenders to fund your investment property purchases, you need to know HOW to choose the property deals--the type hard money lenders fund.

Whether it is properties you want to put UNDER CONTRACT or UNDER OPTION, remember this--

It's just not worth your time unless

Now this is not to say that every deal is fundable or that a private hard money lender will fund every deal you select. There's more to it than that. You don't want to be an investor who is always complaining about lenders when, in fact, it's not the lender's problem at all. If you don't do your homework and LEARN how to CHOOSE the RIGHT PROPERTIES for private hard money funding, you're going to waste your time and miss out on a lot of opportunity. Private hard money lenders qualify the "DEALS", not the borrowers. Private hard money lenders are not in business to "buy property", so they don't want to lend money on "marginal deals" that they end up having to foreclose on after an investor cannot execute the "EXIT STRATEGY"

Today's real estate market is like a "candy store"--
BUT ONLY for the informed investor.

Real estate bargains are everywhere. But which properties are GOOD DEALS? Which properties can be funded for buy and sell, fix and flip, and A-B-C transactions?

Property Prospector PLUS is
going to change your game.

You're not going to be in the dark about selecting property anymore. With Property Prospector PLUS you are going to learn how to choose BETTER investment property that is not only a BETTER VALUE, but also MORE MARKETABLE.

You're going to find property deals that are the types being funded by private hard money lenders.

You're going to avoid wasting time on properties that are "snake pits" in disguise.

You're going to be able to do MORE DEALS because you'll have more time to concentrate on the QUALITY PROPERTY DEALS instead of spreading yourself thin firing off hundreds of offers on, well, "dog properties".


You're going to realize that just getting a PROPERTY OFFER accepted is NOT the MAGIC KEY to successful investing in today's real estate market. The next time you watch your property deal "fall out" of contract, you'll realize what we're talking about here. The next time you lose your earnest money. The next time you do manage to get funding on a "marginal deal" (which required a hefty down payment) only to lose the property because you can't sell it and execute your EXIT strategy. That's when you'll realize it's NOT about QUANTITY, it's ALL about QUALITY.

You're not going to want to play "property roulette" anymore because once you open your eyes to the "REAL DEALS" you will never want to gamble your time or money on marginal property deals again.

True, if you're a cash investor buyer, with money-in-the-bank, and you're ready to pay ALL CASH for a property, you can buy property anywhere. (However, that doesn't mean that because you're a cash buyer, that you've bought a profitable deal.)

You see, the same PRINCIPLES apply to cash investor buyers and investors who need to fund with hard money in today's real estate market.

It doesn't matter whether it is a "buy and sell".

It doesn't matter if it is "fix and flip".

It doesn't matter if it is an "A-B-C transactions" (where you already have a mortgage approved buyer lined up.)

You have to be able to EXECUTE your EXIT STRATEGY.

Think about it.

You don't get paid for the DEAL that you "almost" got.

You don't get paid for the DEAL that you couldn't get funded.

You don't get paid for the DEAL that you couldn't sell.


So if you are using private hard money to FUND your deals, you need to be CHOOSING the properties that are "fundable".

Even if you KNOW HOW to do a super Loan Package, it won't matter if it's a MARGINAL or BAD property because your hard money lender will either take a look at it and "pass" or you'll wind up spending a lot of your time trying to FIX something you CAN'T FIX only to see your time wasted when the property just can't get funding.

It's not enough to know the lender programs. You have to know how to choose the right properties. THE TWO, go "hand in hand". Wrong lender program and right property means no funding. Right lender program and wrong property means no funding.

You need the right lender program
AND the right property.

And once you KNOW HOW to choose properties, you'll never go back to the "old way" you were doing it, with that "gut feeling" or "shot gun" offer system.

It's great to have lots of property leads. But HOW do you screen them to get to the "GOLD NUGGETS"?

With Property Prospector PLUS, you'll learn :
  • How to choose property deals for hard money funding, including:

    • Buy and Sell Transactions

    • Fix and Flip Transactions

    • A-B-C Transactions

  • How to first evaluate and compare Lender Program requirements and choose
    the right lenders.

  • How to determine the right Exit Strategy.

  • The advantages of working with a Real Estate Agent and accessing the
    MLS property data.

  • How to use a CMA Report to analyze your market and target your properties.

  • How to effectively use REO listings and REO Agents.

  • How to apply 25 specific Property Selection Guidelines relating to property
    layout, condition, structure, location, history, and insurability.

  • How use the 14 Point Property Marketability Checklist.

  • How to select properties for Transactional Lender programs.

  • EXAMPLES And more...

Get the PICTURE?

If you're a little frustrated, it's all right, because we can fix that. And you can start getting more DEALS DONE.

Think of Property Prospector PLUS as the cornerstone of your investing system--the foundation. Remember that everything is built on the DEAL. The property you choose has to be strong enough to carry everything on it's shoulders--the lenders, the buyers, the agents, the inspectors, the mortgage companies.

Oh yes, the mortgage companies too, because even though you are getting your funding from a private hard money lender, your "END BUYER" has to get financed from a bank or mortgage company. And if that property you picked doesn't "VET" with the mortgage lender, your end buyer cannot complete the end-buyer transaction and you're right back to square one. Learn how to nip that problem in the bud. The home-buyers ARE out there.

Do it the RIGHT WAY.

Property Prospector PLUS is going to change the way you evaluate and choose property for private hard money funding. You no longer have to do it the "hard way" and learn by "trial and error".


We know that this type of "KNOW HOW" is basically invaluable to an investor. But we're not going to charge a thousand dollars, or $500, or even $300. And we're not going to tack on some kind of "up sell" or a "monthly fee" (that winds up costing thousands of dollars).

We want you do MORE SOLID DEALS so we can hear MORE success stories about better property investing.

And because of that, you can get Property Prospector PLUS for the SPECIAL newsletter subscriber rate of $77. (reg. $97)

That's a $20 savings TODAY.--

Don't miss out on this because you will kick yourself.

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Thanks for becoming a Property Prospector PLUS investor.

We're looking forward to your success.

Best always,

Gary Zaccaria,

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