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Are there "common sense solutions" for investment property deal funding?

Finding the right deal funding can be challenging. Whether you are doing residential investment property or commercial income property, dealing direct with the right lenders can make all the difference. Without having funding options for your deals, you lose potential profit opportunities.

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It doesn't matter whether you have been investing for years or if you are new to real estate and just getting started. To successfully get your deals funded simply depends upon having a variety of readily available loan program options. Why? Direct lenders can fund purchase, refinance, and even cash-out based on the value of the property, NOT based on your personal income, assets or credit-score.


How can investors get more profitable deals done?

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Rather than relying only on a handful of loan program options, investors can now do better. Dealing with a "loan broker chain" is not the solution. In fact, loan brokers often charge thousands of dollars in additional points and fees on a single loan. Those additional points and fees eat away at your deal profits. With 470+ direct lender program options, you can compare lender rates, terms and fees to get the best deal funding options for your deals and protect your "bottom line".


There are TWO REASONS why real estate investors fail:

* Unable to quickly match deals to deal funding that makes sense
* Unable to find discounted property deals with monetizable equity


How to avoid losing deal opportunities.

You have probably tired of doing one internet search after another for investment property loan options. As a real estate investor, it is often frustrating and fruitless to spend hours and hours searching for a suitable direct lender for your deal. Hundreds of hours of your valuable time can be wasted on searches and websites that offer "old lender lists" that often include "banks" and other "credit lenders" that only accept perfect-credit and large down payments for investment property.

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Every time you conduct a "blind search" on the internet to find an appropriate lender for your deal, you waste valuable time that you could be investing in working on the deal itself. Many real estate investors find themselves on this "hamster wheel" approach to deal funding. Instead of that approach, wouldn't you rather be, in minutes, tapping into the top direct lenders who are "in the business" of funding deals for real estate investors, and have already funded billions of dollars of investment property deals?


Where do you find the right direct lender program options to get your deal funding pre-approval in as quickly as 24 hours?

Whether you are doing residential investment property or commercial income property, you need a variety of deal funding options to buy and sell, fix and flip, rental property, rehab to rent, construction, development, and land. Private hard money lenders and bridge lender funding is available from direct lenders for all of these deal types. By submitting a properly prepared "deal scenario", a direct lender can pre-approve your funding in as quickly as 24 hours and provide a "proof of funds letter" for you to use to submit with your offer to purchase the property.


There are 500+ top direct lender program options.

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Successful real estate investors use these direct lenders for purchase, refinance, cash-out, and portfolio loans. There are also options for investors with bad credit, bankruptcy and foreclosure. Fact is, some of the most successful real estate investors have terrible credit, but that doesn't stop them from getting deals funded because they use direct lenders who do not have minimum credit-score requirements for funding approval. These direct lenders fund based on the value of the property, not on the investor's personal income, assets, or credit.


Avoid the biggest mistakes that real estate investors make with deal funding

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Real estate investors who are doing 1-2 deals a month or more, have a system. They choose the right discounted deals which have sufficient "built-in equity". Investors then monetize that equity by doing fix and flip and rental property deals. Direct lenders are able to fund deals that have 50% to 65% LTV (loan to value), which means there is 35% to 50% monetizable equity. That equity margin reduces the risk for a direct lender funding the deal on the basis of the value of the property asset.

Submitting a deal that lacks substantial equity is a mistake, because these direct lenders are property asset lenders and cannot fund deals that have no equity. For example, if a property deal is worth $100,000, the lender cannot lend 100% LTV because that would too risky for the lender to fund. So how does an investor purchase a discounted property deal with up to 100% purchase funding? The key is to focus only on discount property that has a 50% to 65% LTV funding requirement.


Which types of properties can be funded by these direct lenders?

Believe it or not, these discounted properties are available. Banks, government agencies, and portfolio lenders have these REO (real estate owned) properties for sale. These properties are usually acquired by the bank when the property is foreclosed. Then the bank tries to auction the property. If the property is not sold at auction, then the property becomes a "bank owned REO property". Real estate investors can purchase these vacant REO properties, directly from the bank, rather dealing with an emotional, distressed homeowner who is in a bad situation.

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Successful real estate investors know where to acquire these discounted property leads and focus only on those deal types. Rehab lenders base their loans on the ARV (after repair value) of the property. This is a huge advantage for a real estate investor because the loan is not based on the "as is" value of the property. For example, a rehab property may have an "as is" value of $50,000, but the rehab after repair value could be as much as $125,000 and sometimes more. Most often, rehabs are only "cosmetic" which means that the property may need improvements such as painting, flooring, cabinets, appliances, and landscaping. Rehabs requiring more extensive remodeling such as adding a bedroom, bathroom, or garage, are also completed by investors.


How can 100% purchase funding, be structured with a direct lender?

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The direct lender funds the deal based on the ARV (after repair value) rather that the LTV (the "as is" loan to value). So, the investor is able to buy the property for a fraction of what the property will be worth after it is "rehabbed". If the ARV is high enough, the lender can fund up to 100% of the purchase price. In the example above, the investor can purchase the property at 65% LTV, but the value is based on "after repair value" not "as is" value. If the ARV is $125,000 the investor can borrow up to $81,250. So, that means that the investor can pay $50,000 for the property and have $31,250 to pay for loan costs and fees, holding costs while the rehab is being completed, as well as rehab costs.

In the example, the $31,250 would be adequate to cover purchase AND those costs and fees, and then the investor is able to purchase the property for 100% of the purchase price and without having to make an "out of pocket" down payment. The direct lender will then "roll" costs and fees into the loan as well as loan the investor rehab costs on a "draw" basis as the work is completed on the rehab. It is really a simple formula and once a rehab investor has completed one "rehab deal", the investor is able to do it again, and again. Again, the key is to focus ONLY on discounted property deals with substantial "equity" and rehab potential. Some rehab investors do the cosmetic rehab work themselves and may hire contractors and tradespersons such as painters, electricians, plumbers, and landscapers for bigger projects or specialty needs.


Why are private direct lenders different than banks?

Traditional bank lenders have strict lender guidelines to follow and can't loan money to individuals for investment property unless the investor has perfect credit and a sizeable down payment of 20% or more. Also, the traditional bank underwriting guidelines include an investment property borrower credit, debt, assets, and income. Banks will not make investment property loans without requiring the borrower to sign personally. On the other hand, many commercial lenders offer non-recourse. Also, many lenders for residential 1-4 unit properties require that loans be made to an entity such as an LLC or corporation.

"Thank you very much Gary. This one lender alone has paid the cost of your guide multiple times over!" -T.T.

Since 2006, thousands of real estate investors across the country have used the Private Money Lenders Source, with 470+ direct lender program options. These direct lender program options fund deals based on the value of the property by using the LTV% (loan-to-value) which is typically around 65%. For commercial income property the lenders value the property based on the historical NOI (net operating income) of the property and the loan is based on LTV % up to 70% or more. These direct lenders are different than banks in that they usually do not require bank account statements and tax returns.


How does the Private Money Lenders Source help real estate investors?

The Private Money Lender Source has 470+ direct lender program options for residential investment property and commercial income property. With easy online access, the investor can submit deal scenarios direct to these direct lenders, in minutes. Each loan program option provides detailed information including loan ranges, property types, type of loan such as purchase, refinance, or cash-out, interest rates, points, LTV %, and loan terms, as well as who to contact and what types of deals are currently being funded.

"We have a deal that the lender is paying for the property 100% and including another $125K for rehab." -C.W.

Investors can also easily prepare a deal scenario by using the resources of the Private Money Lenders Source and then apply directly to the lender online and follow up with the direct lender's contact person by telephone or email. The Private Money Lenders Source also makes it easy to compare lender program options so the investor can match their deal to the best terms available.


How can an investor get started with the Private Money Lenders Source?

"...we have several lenders that are working with us on a few projects. I am happy with the results of the program." -F.L.

The Private Money Lenders Source - PMLS, trusted since 2006. Thousands of real estate investors across the country have relied on the 470+ DIRECT lender program options for their residential investment property and commercial income property deals. You can start submitting your deal scenarios directly to these lender program options in just minutes.


"Since 2006, thousands of real estate investors across the country have been using the Private Money Lenders Source and these KEY resources for residential investment property investing and commercial income property."

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