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Every real estate investor should have access to the:

NEW 2015 Private Money Lenders Source

Why shouldn't you?

Quickly match your residential and commercial investment property deals to the right private hard money lenders and bridge lenders program options so you can get more purchase deals funded by the top lenders who are funding BOTH residential investment property and commercial income property deals for buy and sell, fix and flip and buy and hold. Over 300 TOP private hard money lenders and bridge lenders programs nationally, regionally, and locally. Get loan decisions within 24 to 48 hours of submitting a complete loan package. Watch this video presentation.

Private Hard Money Lenders and Bridge Lenders
Program Options for Real Estate Investors

Investors in the know, are able to get their deals pre-approved for funding in as quickly as 24 hours.

Funding for:

  • Residential Investment Property and Commercial Income Property

  • Buy and Sell

  • Fix and Flip

  • Buy and Hold

Your can NOW be using these SAME SOURCES and METHODS for private hard money and bridge lender funding and have have access to over 300 top private hard money lenders and bridge lenders who are "in the business" of funding deals for real estate investors. These private hard money lenders and bridge lenders have already funded billions of dollars worth of deals for real estate investors. These nationwide, regional, and local private hard money lenders are funding deals for virtually ALL types of REAL ESTATE deals for both BEGINNER and SEASONED INVESTORS. And there are even OPTIONS for BAD CREDIT.

"INSIDERS" have been using these sources for years and they know something you don't know. They know WHO has the funding, WHAT kind of deals the private hard money lenders and bridge lenders are looking for and they know how to put together the deals that these private hard money lenders and bridge lenders are looking for.

your real estate investing would be if you could:
  • Do BOTH RESIDENTIAL investment property and COMMERCIAL income property.

  • CHOOSE from the BEST OPTIONS for Private Hard Money Lender and Bridge Lender program options and be able to SAVE THOUSANDS on points and fees by dealing DIRECT with the lenders and making your deal even MORE PROFITABLE.

  • Never again worry that you have to "settle" for the WRONG LENDER.

  • By doing it the RIGHT WAY, never again worry at the last minute about coming up with the funding for your deal.

  • Make FUNDING COMMITMENTS quickly and easily.

  • Not have to WORRY about GOOD DEALS LOST because of not being able to close FAST.


  • MATCH good deals to LENDER PROGRAMS and to get FUNDING for good PROPERTIES including lenders who fund LOTS and DEVELOPMENT and LAND.

  • FIND ways to CONFIDENTLY work on MORE than ONE DEAL at a time.

  • FIND out HOW to CONTACT these Private Hard Money Lenders quickly, what to say, and how to get FAST RESULTS.


  • Do more DEALS than ever before.

  • Instead of doing ENDLESS SEARCHES, you can be getting down to business and putting deals together.

  • Get MORE Private Hard Money Lender OPTIONS than EVER BEFORE.

  • Know what type of Private Hard Money Lender to use for what type of deal.

  • Have other investors BRINGING DEALS TO YOU.

  • Participate in PROFITS by bringing in the HARD MONEY FUNDING.

  • Have everything you need to do FAST FLIPS.

  • Be able to do REHABS profitably and even get money for the REHAB COSTS.

  • Know the INSIDE Private Hard Money SECRETS to structure deals just the way Private Hard Money Lenders and Bridge Lenders want them.

  • AVOID some of the common BIGGEST MISTAKES that real estate investors make when the money isn't lined up.

  • Make MORE PROFITABLE DEALS than ever before.

  • MASTER the EASY STEPS to submit your deals and get pre-approval for your DEALS in as little as 24 HOURS.

Just ONE funded deal could make all the difference. Because once you know HOW, you can do DEAL AFTER DEAL AFTER DEAL. Sellers and other investors will start bringing the good deals to YOU. How many deals could you do? One a month? Two? Maybe one a week. IT"S UP TO YOU.

You don't have to RE-INVENT THE WHEEL.

We created the Private Money Lenders Source for REAL ESTATE INVESTORS JUST LIKE YOU. No matter how much you know about "techniques" and "strategies" to negotiate good deals on real estate, you still need the funding to close the deals.

Every investor knows that traditional bank lenders will only give you the money to fund a deal if you have PERFECT CREDIT and in today's mortgage environment, most will FLAT OUT REJECT your income property loan applications or require that you come in with a HUGE DOWN PAYMENT of 20% or MORE.

Traditional bank lenders have STRICT lender guidelines to follow and can't loan money to you because of traditional loan underwriting requirements pertaining to your CREDIT, DEBT, ASSETS, INCOME, and a dozen other "LOAN CONDITIONS" relating to your individual loan application. In fact, in recent years these requirements have even been "tightened up".

It does TAKE MONEY to MAKE MONEY--Use Other People's Money.

Private Hard Money Lenders and Bridge Lenders are NOT limited by those requirements, in fact THEY COULDN'T CARE LESS. These lenders have their own LENDER PROGRAMS and flexibility to fund the deals they want to do.

END your WORRIES about funding your deals FOREVER.

That's why we created the Private Money Lenders Source. And that's why it has been used by thousands of real estate investors across the country since 2006. These private hard money lenders and bridge lenders couldn't care less about your credit, they don't care about how many properties you own, they couldn't care less about your bank account statements, and your tax returns, and your debt to income ratio, etc...etc...etc.


WHAT THEY DO CARE ABOUT is the DEAL. And you'll learn about their lender programs and all you need to know about HOW to present YOUR DEAL to these Private Hard Money Lenders.

Private hard money lenders do not have these rigid underwriting guidelines and as a result they can loan to real estate investors who have low credit-scores. Private hard money lenders evaluate the deal itself. And that is what real estate investors need in today's market.

When it comes to private hard money funding
now you can learn what successful real estate investors are doing in today's real estate market.

"I like what the program offers, I have used the blueprint principles to put packages together, with success..." -M.C.

"The three sources I ordered from you and your continuous informational daily emails have been of an invaluable help to my real estate investing success. Thank you so much." -P.M.

"Yes I did get funded thank you for the help!" -C.C.

"I have a great lender that I got through your program. We have a great relationship and I'm getting properties... with 0 down no payment for 120 days @ 11% land contract 3 year pay off...Thank you very much." -R.V.

"My partners in N.C swears by your product and I can't wait to begin having my deals funded as well. Like you said Gary -all the heavy lifting has been done for us! All of your products will be added to my archives, but this is the primary piece to the foundation of my operation. Add me to the list of your satisfied customers as well." -B.G

Just one funded deal could make all the difference. That's why it is so important to know the lender programs so investors can match deals with the right private hard money lender programs. It is critical to being able to establish a relationship with these lenders if it is your desire to get more deals funded and closed.

Why waste your time searching for funding

BOTTOM LINE--The Private Money Lenders Source
  • WHO to contact.
  • WHAT to say.
  • HOW to present your LOAN PACKAGE in a SIMPLE step-by-step process.
  • WHEN to say "NO", knowing that a different Private Hard Money Lender has a better lender program that is a better MATCH for you deal.

You can do AS MANY DEALS AS YOU WANT TO DO and in virtually IN ANY REAL ESTATE MARKET. RIGHT NOW is the best opportunity for deals that can be acquired for "pennies on the dollar". THIS MARKET has the best opportunities in over 20 years for real estate investors to do PROFITABLE DEALS. What are you waiting for?


With the Private Money Lenders Source, whether you're just getting started as an investor or if you've been investing for years, you become a SERIOUS INVESTOR. Buyer's take your offers more seriously. You close your deals faster.

Haven't you wasted enough time and watched enough profitable deals slip through your fingers?

With the Private Money Lenders Source you will get immediate DIGITAL DELIVERY in e-book format so you can start contacting the lenders directly to start lining up money for your deals RIGHT AWAY.

You'll have 300 private hard money lenders and bridge lenders that you can access directly, quickly, and easily. Literally, LENDER PROGRAM OPTIONS right at your FINGERTIPS for all of your deals.

Since it's 100% to your BENEFIT to get started with these Private Hard Money Lenders and Bridge Lenders Program Options, if you get started NOW you'll also receive the following BONUSES:

BONUS #1 The HOTTEST Real Estate Markets Report

You'll get a link to a FREE BONUS REPORT showing you the hottest real estate markets in the United States. Never again will you be without updated information about which cities have appreciating markets. You'll be in the know.

BONUS #2 Private Money Lenders Source Action Pack

You get all of these:
  • Proven SCRIPT to contact the lenders. It's short and sweet and it works!
  • Step-by-step GUIDE to package your loans quickly and effectively.
  • Actual loan application form PDF format used by most Private Hard Money Lenders
  • LENDER PROGRAM DETAILS for 300 Lenders and contact information including available names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, fax numbers and on-line application forms.
BONUS #3 Commercial Bridge Lender Programs

Also includes over 100 commercial hard money lenders and bridge lenders for commercial income property deals.  You'll be able to DEAL DIRECT with these lenders.  Learn how income property lenders and bridge lenders can be used for your deals.

You'll have access to MORE PRIVATE HARD MONEY

Don't believe what you hear about today's real estate market. There is more PRIVATE HARD MONEY available for REAL ESTATE INVESTING than ever. Don't miss out on the BEST LENDER PROGRAM OPTIONS.

We've been approached before for an "exclusive" for these resources. They know how valuable this resource is and wanted to make it "privately" available ONLY to their clients. We turned that request down.

Investors sometimes spend tens of thousands of dollars on "coaching and mentoring" programs to learn investment strategies and negotiation techniques. Many of the these mentoring organizations refer their students to us to obtain the resources we provide for lender program options.

If you can DO just ONE DEAL using these lender program options, it could make all the difference. Discover HOW to ACCESS the COMPLETE Private Money Lenders Source and start DOING MORE DEALS today.

We're going to SHOW YOU EXACTLY HOW to GET STARTED.  Others charge as much as $97 a MONTH for LESS--that's almost $1200 a year.  The Private Money Lenders Source has NO MONTHLY FEES, and the lender programs are detailed for you so you can match your deals to the right lender programs.  You DEAL DIRECT with the lenders and also save loan broker fees.  We did the "heavy lifting" for you so you can have the top 300 lender program options RIGHT AT YOUR FINGERTIPS so you can invest your time DOING DEALS instead of chasing lender programs.

Yes Gary, I want access to
over 300 private hard money lender and bridge lender program options
DETAILED in the NEW 2015 Private Money Lenders Source

You will be able to order SECURELY by using Pay Pal,
even if you don't have a Pay Pal account and you'll be able to DOWNLOAD and get started today.

In addition to the BONUSES, you'll also save $100.00 off the regular rate of $199.95 and get

TODAY'S Special Real Estate Investor INSIDER Rate of

Only $99.95.


Once you have these lender program connections, you can develop relationships with lenders for virtually ANY type of real estate investing you want to work on. You can be confident as a real estate investor BECAUSE you have the lender program options you need to make the deals happen. Whether you're just getting started in real estate investing or you've been investing for years, you will be respected as a SERIOUS real estate investor.

The Private Money Lenders Source is the KEY RESOURCE
for private hard money lender programs and bridge lender funding options.

You'll be able to process your order SECURELY by Pay Pal, even if you don't have a Pay Pal account and you'll be able to download your order and get started today. We are Pay Pal verified and we've been helping thousands of real estate investors since 2006.

You'll have more lender program options than ever before and you'll learn how you can get more funding from private hard money lenders and bridge lenders for your deals than ever before.


Gary Zaccaria

P.S. Learn how you can become part of our Inner Circle of real estate investors today.


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