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Pixel Productions, Inc. operates the website. The address for Pixel Productions, Inc. is 869 E. 4500 S. #370, Salt Lake City, Utah 84107. Pixel Productions, Inc. and respect the privacy rights of visitors and employs the following Privatcy Policy concerning the gathering and utilization of your personal and statistical information:

Storing and Gathering Statistical Information collects and stores information for statistical purposes. For example, we may count the number of visitors to the different sections of our site to help us make them more useful to visitors.

Sending an Electronic Mail Message

By sending an e-mail to Customer Care at, you are providing us with your personal information. We may store the name and address of the sender in order to respond to the request or to solve the subject matter of the e-mail.

Purpose of Registering Via Web-Based Form

Registering via web-based form at the website is optional. For example, to register on the e-mail newsletter subcription web form, you may do so by entering your name and e-mail address in the form provided. This information is stored on a secured database. uses this information solely for it's own use, the purpose being to provide the e-mail newsletter requested by you and we doe not share, sell, or lease this private information.

Distribution of Newsletters may periodically send e-mail newsletters bulletins to you if you have requested such information by subscribing to our newsletter. The newsletter distribution list is generated from form input on the web site.

Opt-In Statement

To ensure compliance with the the CAN SPAM Act, utilizes a Double Opt-In process for all newsletter subscription requests by customers in order to avoid sending spam, which means:

1. You may provides your name and e-mail address in the webform provided, which is an OPT-IN request by you to receive the newsletter subscription.

2. You will then receives a CONFIRMATION e-mail requesting that you CONFIRM your newsletter subscription request by CLICKING on the CONFIRMATION LINK. The is a DOUBLE OPT-IN request by you to receive the newsletter subscription.

3. As specified in the CONFIRMATION e-mail, if you ignore the CONFIRMATION e-mail no newsletter subscription will be created or e-mailed to you. We do not send the newsletter subcription unless you CONFIRM by CLICKING on the CONFIRMATION LINK and confirming your intent to subscribe by DOUBLE OPT-IN.

Opt-Out Statement

To ensure compliance with the the CAN SPAM Act, utilizes an easy Opt-Out process so you can opt-out of the newsletter subscription at any time, and/or any future communication, by e-mail, telephone or otherwise, as follows:

1. If you no longer wish to receive the newsletter you have subscribed to, at any time you may OPT-OUT of receiving these communications by CLICKING the convenient UNSUBSCRIBE option at the bottom of any email newsletter communication you receive and you will automatically be removed from the list.

2. If you e-mail us with a specific request or question, we will promply respond to you, usually within 24 hours. (a)At anytime you can send an e-mail REPLY to any newsletter or communication you have received and you can request to OPT-OUT NEWSLETTER in the subject line, and be manually removed from the newsletter e-mail list (b)At anytime you can send an e-mail REPLY which specifies OPT-OUT ALL in the subject line, notifying Pixel Productions, Inc., and that you have opted out of any and all future communication, whether it be by e-mail, telephone, or otherwise.

3. You can also request to OPT-OUT by sending regular mail to: Pixel Productions, Inc. 869 E. 4500 S. #370, Salt Lake City, Utah 84107. This method of requesting to opt-out will take considerably longer to process because the request is traveling in the regular mail. There, it is recommended that you use one or more of the OPT-OUT request methods to ensure that your communication is received and can be processed in a reasonably timely manner.

Links to Other Sites

This website may contain links to other websites. is not responsible for and does not initiate the privacy policies or the content of such web sites.

This policy may be uptdated from time to time. You may periodically check back for updated information. If you have any questions regarding the Pixel Productions Inc., Privacy Statement, please send e-mail to: [email protected]

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